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Wallfrog has a passion for taking photos for businesses to use for promotion, point of sale and printed marketing materials and websites. Having professional gives your business a big advantage over the competition. It is a fact that businesses sell more products and services when they feature compelling images on their websites and marketing materials. Why not take advantage of every opportunity to capture a customer’s attention by showcasing your work?

Aerial Photography (Dare to be Different)
36 Mega Pixels

With a quality camera like this we can produce photos 60″ x 48″ which are perfect for wall art, canvas prints or window graphics.  Starting off with large format pictures allows us to design great graphics for print and web.


Depending on what you are using the photos for we can capture images in both formats.  RAW is typically used when you want to make some serious adjustments in a full color spectrum or HDR.  JPG format helps with files size and processing speed which are perfect for web and social media.

140, 120 or 90 Degrees

By having such a wide range you can capture more of what the eye can see or give a straight on perspective during flight which will not warp the image.

0 – 60 Degrees

With this feature we can adjust the angle of the camera to get the look you are looking for.  Whether it is for a movie or a direct overhead shot we can fine tune where the camera is pointing to give you the right perspective for your project.

30 or 60 Frames Per Second

Since the camera can record very fast it allows us to follow or scan an area without any camera shake or lag in video.  This is great because it can keep up with the professional cameras while adhering to the same format in post production.

1/4 Mile

With a Wifi booster on the remote this allows us to fly very far or very high to get that look you are going for.  More cost effective than renting a lift or a helicopter we can get what you need in minutes rather than days.

23 Miles Per Hour

With this fast speed we can keep up with cars or get to where we need to go quickly.  Even through windy conditions it can fly without too much motion.  Even if there is some slight shake the computer software can remove it with ease.


With Global Positioning we can tell the altitude and distance away from the controller.  This is good if you need exact coordinates of an area, direction or angle.


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Our Photography Approach

We approach every photography project with the same goal in mind. Take advantage of the best aspects of the subject or product while at the same time creating an image that is professional and appealing. Color, texture, proportion and presentation all play an important role in creating the perfect scene.

Our graphic design services can create designs around your photographs for print or web. It is an advantage to have us help you design brochures, postcards and menus because we take pictures at the proper angles with the end marketing use in mind.

What We Do

We will have a meeting to discuss what aspects of your business you would like photographed. We will also talk about your thoughts or ideas on what you would like to use the photographs for. Our team will also be happy to provide input on uses for the photographs. With proper lighting and equipment your photos will stand out. We provide our clients with high-resolution digital files that are free from copyrights. You will be able to use the photos however and wherever you would like. They will be perfect for web and print. From your website to your social media pages, there are endless uses for your professional photos. Photography is one of the best investments you can make in your business.

  • Food
  • Products
  • Headshots
  • Company Photos
  • Jewelry
  • Desserts
  • Restaurants
  • Real Estate
  • Aerial
  • Marinas
  • Gun Ranges
  • Buildings
  • Vehicles
  • Process
  • Industrial
  • Construction
  • Property
  • Magazine

Food Photography Techniques

The part we have to coordinate with the chef is the amount of food items to be photographed. This will determine how much time we have with each scene. To enhance the image we can use ingredients that were used to make the food to help accentuate the main parts of the meal. We bring all of the photography equipment to the restaurant such as backdrops, lighting and high resolution SLR cameras with lenses that create a perfect “depth of field” which makes you focus on a particular point on the picture while subtly blurring out the background to soften the scene. This is important because it only takes a moment to absorb a picture in the brain and create a story to make a decision.

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From conception to construction and a solid concrete product, Wallfrog met all my expectations and beyond… Taking my idea, unlocking & opening every door imaginable that was in my head. Their personal touch, hands on approach for my new business was nothing short of amazing. From designing my logo, crafting my website, and a full on marketing media blitz exhilarates the senses to constantly create new ideas. Their entire staff is a down pouring monsoon think tank, full of colorful ideas and innovation. My sincere thanks to Ashlee, Lou, Christine, Mike and Justin for handling all my needs and really making me feel like a member of the Wallfrog family.

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