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Wallfrog has a strong background in branding and marketing, we have an advantage by integrating our professional real estate photography skills to be able to help with your home selling efforts.  We know what it takes to gain the attention of potential home buyers by capturing the home as it tells a story.  By doing this, the buyer has an increased attachment to the home.  The idea is to help the real estate agents amplify the attention of people searching online for homes.  People are very visual and buying a home is a big deal.  Agents who tend to use point and shoot style cameras tend to have homes on the market longer on average.  Those who use social media, video, blogs and inbound marketing can easily showcase homes to potential buyers in conjunction with real estate photography FL have a huge advantage and tend to sell more homes much quicker on average.

Aerial Shot of Multi-Million Dollar Home in Windermere | Real Estate Photography FL

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Photographing Mansions, Luxury Homes & Large Estates

We specialize in photographing homes $1,000,000 and up.  In most cases the architecture has unique angles, curves and open spaces that require special lighting setups and a professional real estate photographer that can capture the space in all of its beauty.  Sometimes we often incorporate HDR (High Dynamic Range) to be able to gain a better color histogram.  By this we mean the very white bright areas can be toned down allowing more detail to show and for darkness and shadows if it can’t be brightened with light, the HDR will balance these areas out to make them pop.  These properties tend to take more time because each room has many perspectives and each property has more rooms.  Waterfront properties need special attention as well.  Depending on the time of day and the look we are going for, the sun and direction play an important role in getting just the right exposure to feature the property at its best time.

Some Areas We Cover In Central Florida
  • Orlando
  • Windermere
  • Winter Garden
  • Lake Buena Vista
  • Orange County
  • Hamlin
  • Horizon West
Types of Real Estate in Florida
  • Golf Communities
  • Private Residence
  • Gated Communities
  • Master Planned Communities
  • Lakefront Homes
Perfect for Real Estate Marketing
  • Sales Sheets
  • Open Houses
  • Yard Signs
  • MLS
  • Email

We Take Pictures of Homes Throughout FL Especially in Orlando, Winter Garden and Windermere.

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Mobile Phones and Tablet Real Estate Images

As the trend for mobile search is on the rise, real estate agents and brokers are taking advantage of these platforms to gain traction in the real estate market.  Our real estate photographers can document a property and optimize it to show well on small screens with the ability to zoom. This is important as QR Codes help buyers browse a property that may be advertised in the newspaper or some other form of print marketing.  This is crucial because the major MLS websites have an app for the mobile experience and since most apps are integrated with map features the photographs have never been so important.  Real estate photography FL is the key to saving the agents time and money by not having to show the house to someone who is not getting the whole picture.  With professional real estate photography, agents can now be more confident when potential buyers inquire after viewing the property online because at this point they like what they see and our photo journalistic style brings that personal touch that buyers are looking for.  This tactic increases the overall buyer experience.  This is all great for buyers but especially great for seller.  By having an agent properly market a listing using professional images for real estate properties, they can spend more time showing homes to qualified and interested homebuyers.

Real Estate MLS Listing on Mobile Phone from Photographer

Aerial Real Estate Photography FL
36 Mega Pixels

With a quality camera like this we can produce photos 60″ x 48″ which are perfect for wall art, canvas prints or window graphics. Starting off with large format pictures allows us to design great graphics for print and web.


Depending on what you are using the photos for we can capture images in both formats. RAW is typically used when you want to make some serious adjustments in a full color spectrum or HDR. JPG format helps with files size and processing speed which are perfect for web and social media.

140, 120 or 90 Degrees

By having such a wide range you can capture more of what the eye can see or give a straight on perspective during flight which will not warp the image.

0 – 60 Degrees

With this feature we can adjust the angle of the camera to get the look you are looking for. Whether it is for a movie or a direct overhead shot we can fine tune where the camera is pointing to give you the right perspective for your project.

30 or 60 Frames Per Second

Since the camera can record very fast it allows us to follow or scan an area without any camera shake or lag in video. This is great because it can keep up with the professional cameras while adhering to the same format in post production.

1/4 Mile

With a Wifi booster on the remote this allows us to fly very far or very high to get that look you are going for. More cost effective than renting a lift or a helicopter we can get what you need in minutes rather than days.

23 Miles Per Hour

With this fast speed we can keep up with cars or get to where we need to go quickly. Even through windy conditions it can fly without too much motion. Even if there is some slight shake the computer software can remove it with ease.


With Global Positioning we can tell the altitude and distance away from the controller. This is good if you need exact coordinates of an area, direction or angle.

Capturing The Character of Real Estate Property in Central Florida

Wallfrog has several years of experience in the real estate photography industry and having worked side by side with many agents over the years we have been able to fine tune our process to help save time and money.  It is an investment to hire a real estate photographer but our images are the first thing buyers see and many times base their decision right then and there.  By increasing the odds with proper photos, the buyer begins to feel the quality right away and backing it up with a friendly, knowledgeable real estate agent is sure to help with your (ROI) return on investment.

Wow, fantastic photos!  Would love to share your aerial photography with our members – such a special service.  In fact, we will be putting together our 2015 edition of the Discover magazine and would appreciate the opportunity to include your photo – with your company name – in our Horizon West section.

West Orange Chamber of Commerce
(Photography for Publication in West Orange Magazine)

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