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Web Design

Web Design has evolved. Days of a website being a glorified brochure are over. Your website needs to stand out, but not just be a pretty face without any substance. It needs to look stellar, with great graphics and compelling images, but what really makes it shine is when it instantly connects with the types of customers you seek and that value and need what you have to offer. Put your website to work for you. It will be an investment that pays you back. We take the time to find out who you are and what your goals and challenges are, then get to work on a site that looks awesome, says all the right things and helps you attract the right clients.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media is here to stay. It seems these days everyone is on social media. From Facebook to Instagram, young and old are sharing their lives, their stories and also asking their friends and family for business recommendations. You and your business have the opportunity to engage with all those potential customers. Wallfrog has social media packages for small businesses to take advantage of that large audience.


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branding and logo design


Your branding and identity is the foundation of all your marketing efforts. Branding is much more then your logo, font and colors. It is also about your messaging and the feeling that clients get about your company. Proper branding gets you noticed and makes you memorable. It instills confidence in your clients, letting them know that they found the right company to fill their needs. Taking the time to learn who you are and what you want to accomplish is where we come in. Once we figure out what your customers are wanting out of a business like yours we can put the puzzle together and align all your marketing materials including your website. With your new look comes renewed excitement, amplifies your other marketing efforts and can even boost employee morale and customer loyalty.


Pay Per Click

Looking to get your website to the top in Google Searches? Google has the opportunity for businesses to pay to have their website listed at the top. This is called PPC or Pay-Per-Click Advertising. With the proper ads, budget and targeted keywords, we will have your website at the top so you can land the customers your business is looking for. We have PPC packages for small to medium businesses.


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search engine optimization


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is crucial for getting your website to rank higher in Google searches. These days, a website is the hub of all of your marketing efforts and it needs to be found on-line. It can be the greatest website the world has ever seen, but it won’t be effective if your potential customers can’t find it. Marketing has changed in a lot of ways. You need a marketing agency that focuses on today but plans for tomorrow and beyond to keep you on the front of the roller coaster. With a solid game plan and a creative marketing strategy, we can position your brand to be in front of the right people. With the proper SEO plan, your website will be at the top of Google searches.


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Wallfrog has been pivotal in growing my business and is helping me to maximize my online presence. Wallfrog has excellent service, always returns my calls and is the best investment I've made in my company in a long time.

Dean Backstrom - Owner at Durable Sealcoat

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