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The Anatomy of a Website?

Web Design is very important. Your website could be the first interaction a client has with your business. Whether you own a restaurant, insurance company or dentist – your website can be the deciding factor on you gaining a new client or customer. A well polished website says a great deal about your product or service. Whatever your business is, let your website do the talking.

Wallfrog isn’t new to the game. With years of experience in web design, we not only create visual appealing websites, but we understand the importance of SEO and driving traffic to your website. Once you gain that new traffic, we need to ensure your website is set up properly to convert that new traffic to paying customers. We are the design business that will help to make your business succeed whether you’re a salon, lawyer, disc jockey, photographer, therapist or non-profit organization. Every client we meet receives the very best in service and skill. Guaranteed.

Our Website Design Process
Phase 1: Analysis

This is where we get together and talk about the purpose of your website along with reviewing your goals. Once we figure out your challenges we can then focus on your target audience.

Phase 2: Planning

This is the part where we review the design brief from phase 1 to make sure we are on the right track.  From there we put all of the input documents in a pile and develop a sitemap which should match what promised on the contract.  If we discussed the possibility of adding more pages during the analysis phase we can make sure it is ok to go forward with them and add them to the sitemap.

Phase 3: Design

During the design phase we develop a visual representation of the key pages that will make up the model of the website.  From there we can assign each page to  wireframe diagram so we can start to visualize how it will look.

Phase 4: Content

Before we can put anything together we need the pieces to the puzzle.  The main part is the content for each page.  It should be rich with keywords but also easy to read.  Gathering the photos with descriptions along with all of the relevant page names and titles of each page.

Phase 5: Development

Now that we have all the parts to the puzzle we can begin to develop the HTML and CSS coding. Once the foundation is built we can then add all of the content, photos and design elements that make up the image that was discussed in the previous 4 stages.

Phase 6: Testing

Each phase is important but testing the website verifies each and every step of the process to make sure that all of the elements work properly to make sure the user experience is optimal. We test compatibility and if the website fulfills its purpose.

Phase 7: Launch

Preparing for launch take a few stages to ensure that everything is wired properly so that we can monitor the site with confidence. It will also help us identify any bugs and fix them. At this point we can discuss future maintenance and enhancements along with any complimentary services that go well with websites.

Our Website Design Process

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What Makes Us Different

We care. Your success is our success. We don’t want to sell you something you don’t need and we educate you on the possibilities so you can make the best decision for your company. We put everything out there. The web can be confusing and we have seen too many companies get taken advantage of during the web design process. We explain everything we do and why it is done. In the end you own all work we do for you including the complete design, the content, graphics and the photos. We register domain names on your behalf. We can host and maintain your website, set up your emails and help you promote your website.

What We Do

Once you’ve decided to create your new website with Wallfrog, there are just five easy steps to get you there. While we’re working on your site navigation, content and design, you’ll be able to relax with the confidence that we’re taking care of you. We welcome you to be as involved in the process as you want to be.

  • HTML Websites (static)
  • PHP Websites (dynamic)
  • Mobile Websites
  • Responsive Websites
  • Custom Forms
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Wordpress Sites
  • Blogs
  • Calls To Action
  • Website Hosting
  • Web Galleries & Slideshows
  • E-Commerce
  • Modern Designs
  • Be listed on search engines.
  • Find Information Quickly
  • Catch Your Clients’ Eye
  • Grow your business
  • Establish a Strong Online Presence

Our Techniques

We design with a purpose. A website need to work for our clients. Using the newest techniques in marketing and design, we create your website to run as an efficient, well-oiled machine. Every website we create is unique to that client. As we design and create your website, we will continually test it to make sure it works with every browser. Wallfrog always tests functionality, usability and accessibility. Your website will go through checks to correct typos, misspellings and any grammar mistakes that may exist. By the end of the process our websites are clean, crisp and ready to represent your business.

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From conception to construction and a solid concrete product, Wallfrog met all my expectations and beyond… Taking my idea, unlocking & opening every door imaginable that was in my head. Their personal touch, hands on approach for my new business was nothing short of amazing. From designing my logo, crafting my website, and a full on marketing media blitz exhilarates the senses to constantly create new ideas. Their entire staff is a down pouring monsoon think tank, full of colorful ideas and innovation. My sincere thanks to Lou, Christine, Mike, Justin and the whole Wallfrog team, for handling all my needs and really making me feel like a member of the Wallfrog family.

John McKenzie Jr.
Home Run Homes Inspection

Testimonial John McKenzie Jr.

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