It's a New Era

Engineers by nature don't like change. They like structure, predictable processes, test procedures and low yield when designing products. Engineering companies who started their endeavor in the pre-internet era specifically the 70's, 80's and early 90's are still using old practices to get customers. Marketing has changed a ton since then specifically with the internet and the ability for customers to do research on their own. Gone are the days when you need an actual salesperson to go out and build relationships in order to hope they buy your products. Even then the buyers would beat up the salesperson on price leaving little profit for the engineering company. During those times it was hard to stay in business especially when everything started getting done overseas for a fraction of the cost. If you are struggling, it is time to change.

Team of Computer Engineers Lean on the Desk and Choose Printed Circuit Boards
Schematics for Electronics Engineer

The Answer is Binary

You either do it and succeed or don't and fail. It is that simple. Realizing that most engineering companies may have a salesperson fielding some leads or trying to do marketing on their own it is not their job to find leads. It is their job to sell the product or service from the leads that are created from the marketing department. Most engineering companies don't have a marketing person which is where the roadblock is created. That is where we come in. Our years of experience in engineering and marketing are a perfect match for your company. We know how to create the process to put you on the right track to succeed and ultimately get your company to the next level. The struggle stops today.

Make the Right Connections

Just like creating a schematic to perform a function over and over reliably, designing a marketing process with the same workflow is no different. Picture the sales funnel being the (black box) with inputs and outputs. You program the guts to perform a given function to create a certain output condition based on variable input conditions. Once the machine is fine tuned the outputs continue to become higher quality and usable signals. Marketing Automation is exactly like circuit board. It has many connections and internal flowcharts that make decisions based on customer interaction which in turn produces a quality result. Basically a sale.

Engineering Marketing Benefits

  • Lower Acquisition Costs
  • Shorten the Sales Cycle
  • Keep Track of Opportunities
  • Be More Confident in Pricing
  • Predictable Sales Forecasts
  • Audit Your Sales Performance
  • Harmonious Sales and Marketing
  • Easily Identify Hot Leads
  • Better ROI
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Marketing Solutions for Engineering Companies

At this point it is best to talk about what your goals, challenges and pain points are so we can help guide you to a better place on the internet.