ASC Industrial Air Filtration

In a nutshell, ASC helps businesses make a dirty job easy. They clean air filtration systems for companies that manufacture products on order to keep things running smoothly. Without this serve, parts may not meet specifications, floors become slippery or air quality in general can be unhealthy. For business, safety and production are crucial. ASC helps solve their air quality problems.

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We Work as a Team

Having worked together for almost a decade, we were able to learn about Jon’s business year after year to help it grow. At first, without a website presence it was difficult to expand the company outside of its location. Over the years the website itself helped gain some national interest which allowed us to learn about his audience. This information allowed us to adjust his companies offerings to what customers needed, not what he thought they wanted. Once we were able to align his services with his potential customers we worked on making his processes more efficient and available to all 50 states. The idea was to scale what he did locally to what he does now nationally. Once we were able to get his business running smoothly, we introduced marketing automation in order to maximize the leads that came to his website. Our goal was to increase traffic, minimize the time it took to close business and nurture prospects along the way. By developing engaging, useful content to help potential customers understand how these services will help their businesses continue to be productive and profitable.

Mike, Marketing Account Manager

Mike Stanczyk

Account Manager

Jon, Marketing B2B Client

Jon Basti

Marketing Client

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2 Year Case Study

Most of our clients are very private about their business but for those that allow us to share the journey with fellow engineering and manufacturing companies helps us show you what to expect when you decide to invest in a monthly marketing program. Check out some real statistics over the first 3 years of a business that had no dedicated salesperson long term, no marketing plan and little understanding how potential customers could find their services online.

Key Points

  • 2019/2020 Increased Sales = $216,300
  • Close Cycle = 8 Weeks (Down From 9 Months)
  • National Accounts = 26
  • Videos = 14
  • Form Fills = 158
  • New Prospects = 384
  • Email Open Rate = 34.24% (Average is 13%)
  • Email Click Rate = 3.75% (Average is 2%)

Increased Sales


Manufacturing Sales Performance 2019


Manufacturing Sales Performance 2020

Close Time Improved

Lead Opportunity Funnel

1 Video Produced Every 2 Months

Library of Manufacturing and B2B Videos

Email Open & Click Rates

Case Study Email Report

Email Campaign Results

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Marketing Email Report 4
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Marketing Solutions for Engineering & Manufacturing Companies

At this point it is best to talk about what your goals, challenges and pain points are so we can help guide you to a better place on the internet.