Why is a Branding Important?

Unfortunately, smaller businesses have a hard time getting past the fact that clip art and near free logo design is like shooting yourself in the foot before you get started. We have seen time and time again where a business will settle for junk and their customers don't treat them seriously. From there they lose sales from trying to save money on the most important item to their business, their logo. It is that first impression, the give a damn to be quite honest.

Branding Company

Our Branding Process

People often confuse logo design with branding. Logo design is a subset of branding but should be thought of as a whole. Most business just need a logo, which is understandable because they need to give it to a dozen different people to do what they wish with it. What happens next is magical. Each place, by this we mean any business that will take that logo and put it on a shirt, a van, a billboard, stationary and so on. All marketing after that will not match the next and what they end up with is a sloppy image even if they got a great logo to begin with. Branding actually includes the logo but also is part of the mood, scene and action of every marketing piece you provide. It is easier to develop it all at once so that your marketing (and brand) stay consistent throughout a potential customers journey.

Initial Exploration

Developing a logo with the assets in mind is the best way to achieve the overall vision and mission of a business. Variations of the logo or mark play an important role of how and when it will be used. Consideration of trademarking the logo is highly recommended to protect your business.

Initial Branding Exporation

Research & Documentation

This is where a plan is developed with the competition in mind. Making sure that every piece to the puzzle is above and beyond businesses in the same arena. The whole theme of the brand revolves around the professionalism and quality of the product so the vision needs to be clearly laid out along with the goals.

Research for Branding Process

Concept Creation

Based on the research, sketching and starting to mold the information like clay until it starts making sense is the best way to get a visual presentation of the products and services provided.

Concept Creation for Branding

Putting it All Together

If you ever notice in a popular department store, from the email marketing piece you initially received to the commercials all the way down to the point of sale and receipt, everything flows smoothly. It is essentially part of the experience and it all adds up to your customer feeling comfortable spending their money and ready to do it again. It all matters.

Branding Meeting with Staff

Presentation & Mock Up

Depending on the business we can superimpose the artwork onto buildings, signs, employees, websites, digital marketing pieces and so on. This way you can really get a feel as to what it looks like in the real world which is helpful in making adjustments on the fly.

Branding Presentation

Identity Standards & Artwork

From the letter head down to the email marketing piece all the way up to trade show displays, whatever is needed we can provide the whole package soup to nuts!

Identity Standards for Branding

Excited to Cash in on Your Brand?

Your customers expect nothing but the best for the price so make sure you give them the experience to go with it. Repeat business and referrals depend on it!

Set Yourself Apart

An important thing to note about logo design, is that no two businesses are the same. Two carpet stores in the same town may seem like the same in description, but they have two different owners, atmospheres and products. By having a logo professionally designed to fit the style and feel of your business you are telling potential clients who you are. Having a custom designed logo gives your business the ability to stand out from competitors and reach the clients you’re trying to reach.

Branding Assets
Reel Map Identity Limits
Reel Map Identity Standards
Reel Map Icon Details
App Example on Phone
Real Map Logo with Background
Movie Logo Example

Your Branding is Important to Us!

We take the time to really learn about your company and dig our heels into all the possibilities and scenarios of your business. Upon learning the ins and outs, we develop a passion for results because we are designing something with purpose. Marketing plays an important role to the longevity of your products and services. By doing it right the first time you will save money in the long run and your initial investment will be maximized. The results will be the proof in the pudding.

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