Why is a Logo Important?

We get this comment a lot. “Do you really think we will get more business because we have fancy logo?” The answer is no. Being successful comes from having a quality product or service. Your business must also have great customer service to go along with that. If you have none of those things, an awesome logo won’t get you that far. If you do have those things going for you, your logo will go a long way to helping that happy customer remember you.

Real Map Logo with Background

Our Logo Design Process

If you have been putting off having a logo designed for your business you are losing valuable time by waiting. We have developed a smooth process to help take the stress out of the equation.

Initial Meeting

All logo design projects start by meeting with our client. During the meeting we will discuss colors, basic ideas, key words, imagery, and the company’s mission and target audience. From there we will brainstorm ideas based on the information gathered. Sometimes this involves sketching in a notepad, or researching symbols and imagery online.

Initial Concept Meeting for Logo Design

Research & Sketching

After the initial meeting, we will begin to research your industry and your competitors in order to set your business apart from everyone else. Once we have enough information to start getting our ideas down on paper, we grab our most valuable tools: pencil and paper. This process is a crucial part in your logos development.

Sketching a Logo for Business

On to the Computer

Now that we have a few concepts that are ready to be created digitally, we move to the computer and start developing them more. We usually have 1-3 concepts that are brought from our sketches onto the computer. We design the logos in black and white first, to be sure that the final product will work when no color is available. Looking back at our research, we’re able to apply a color scheme that represents your business and what you are trying to accomplish as a whole.

Using Computer to Design for Logo

Putting Your Logo in Context

It’s now time for us to place the concepts into context before we send them for you to review. We are able to digitally place your logo on a business card, the side of a truck, a billboard or an iPhone just to name a few. By putting the logo concepts in context, we’re able to help you see the bigger picture and open your eyes to the possibilities. It’s important that this logo works in all situations.

Assets for Logo Design Project

PDF Presentation & Review

Here’s the fun part. The time has come for you to review what we’ve come up with. After we put the logo concepts in context, we put them together in an easy to view PDF Presentation and email it to you for review. The review process in logo design is one of the most important parts. It is during this time that the final logo begins to take shape. Whether you are drawn to a certain logo, or like elements of different ones, you are able to discuss with your designer exactly where you want the logo to go from this point and give us the input we need to create the final logo.

Branding Presentation

Revisions & Identity Standards

After the review, our designers will adjust and prepare the agreed upon logo for final review. Once you approve the final logo, our team creates an Identity Standards document that includes all of the details about their new logo. This includes the exact colors used, the variety of layouts available (vertical/horizontal), and the details of how the logo was created. Clients are able to use this information in the future when designing branded materials and/or their website.

Logo Design for Business

Ready For That New Look?

Your business will become more referable. You will be creating a brand. Never underestimate the power of a proper logo.

A Logo is the Cornerstone of Your Business

A logo is the first step in branding and marketing your business. It is a graphical representation of what you do, will create brand awareness, customer loyalty and even boost employee excitement & moral.. The most innovative, and impressive logos are subtle, and smart. It doesn’t need to be overdone, it just needs to have a lot of thought behind it and hit the mark. Of course it’s always the “simple” logos that are the hardest to design, but in the end you want the logo to communicate a multitude of things without always being obvious.

Set Yourself Apart

An important thing to note about logo design, is that no two businesses are the same. Two carpet stores in the same town may seem like the same in description, but they have two different owners, atmospheres and products. By having a logo professionally designed to fit the style and feel of your business you are telling potential clients who you are. Having a custom designed logo gives your business the ability to stand out from competitors and reach the clients you’re trying to reach.

How We Design Logos

Your Logo is Important to Us!

Size, font, color, spacing , layout – it all matters and it has to be right. A cheap logo isn’t cheap if you invest in signage, vehicle wraps, business cards and marketing materials, only to realize after that your logo is similar to a competitors or it is perceived a deferent way that expected by your clients. We put a lot of thought into designing your logo. We take the time to research and to test your logo designs in many different scenarios and formats. Your logo will be customer designed for your business. It will match your business and appeal to your target market. Let’s work together to get this right. Your logo is important.

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