Times Have Changed

Many manufacturing companies started their endeavor in the pre-internet era specifically the 70's, 80's and early 90's. The days of listing their business in a printed directory like a phone book are over. Customers that are looking to have their products built by your company or you are looking for customers to buy the product you manufacture, you have to position yourself on the internet to be found. Basically show your capabilities in the right place at the right time. It is that simple.

Manufacturing Process with Managers

Your Business Needs a Digital Blueprint

Just like you can't build something without the actual parts, processes and instructions, you can't market your business without knowing your customer, creating quality content and a developing a well thought out sales funnel. As you learn how your customers are interacting with your process we can tweak the machine to harvest the quality leads you have been begging for.

Don't Be a Lost Screw in a Scrap Pile

The idea of digital marketing and marketing automation for the manufacturing industry is to align your potential customers with your products and services so that when the time comes you can be front and center when they are looking. If you have an old website, zero social media presence and old school marketing mentality, your screwed!

Manufacturing Marketing Benefits

  • Lower Acquisition Costs
  • Shorten the Sales Cycle
  • Keep Track of Opportunities
  • Be More Confident in Pricing
  • Predictable Sales Forecasts
  • Audit Your Sales Performance
  • Harmonious Sales and Marketing
  • Easily Identify Hot Leads
  • Better ROI
Red Eyed Tree Frog Top View

Marketing Solutions for Manufacturing Companies

At this point it is best to talk about what your goals, challenges and pain points are so we can help guide you to a better place on the internet.