Video Testimonial from ASC

This video is off-the-cuff about a client we have been working with who takes us on a timeline of how business was before and after hiring Wallfrog to do their marketing and strategy to get the right clients for their business. We use top rated marketing software called SharpSpring to build a solution for businesses typically in the engineering, manufacturing and B2B services to help them gain a better understanding of what products and services translate into the most profitable sales.

Transcript of SharpSpring Client

WALLFROG: I just wanted to do a quick case study with one of my clients on marketing and sale Automation Software with SharpSpring and how it’s going. I prefaced this and I didn’t give him my questions prior to this, so basically it’s off the cuff and is an unbiased opinion on how everything is going so I’m going to ask you a couple of questions and we’re good.

How is the three-month set-up and business reorganization process initially and did you learn about your business?

CLIENT: The three- month set-up getting the website going and getting everything helped us to get organized and it focused on where the sweet-spot was in getting the type of customers that we want. The marketing is amazing. We’re really happy with the way we’re getting leads – qualified leads and the process is just streamline (like I was telling you earlier today) I’m getting E-mails on my cell phone of orders coming in, not just orders coming in but people with questions interested in the service and the products we sell and they’re qualified – they’re good leads. They’re really good by way of the internet and the way you find people who are looking for something and in our particular instance we’re a very particular field in what we do, so people come on line and we’re coming up high in rankings and they’re calling us so we’re really happy.

WALLFROG: That’s definitely the idea so I’m glad you’re feeling it.

CLIENT: That’s exactly it. No matter how good your website looks, Wallfrog did a wonderful job in making our website look professional and easy to navigate but what’s the point if no one sees it.


CLIENT: That’s where you really shine is getting people to see it.

How did the overwhelming feeling of thinking you had to do everything when signing up for the marketing service compared to what actually happened?

CLIENT: It seems overwhelming, but you break it down piece-by-piece. It’s almost like building a house. You first clear the lot and lay the foundation and so by the time you’re on the second floor, you’re putting on the roof if you will, by my analogy, everything is happening in pieces so everything is stacking and being organized with very logical step-by-steps.

WALLFROG: But, you didn’t have the whole weight on your shoulders, like we were able to take that off with us consulting and figuring out where the sweet-spots were and pull them out and showcase them.

CLIENT: Exactly, and you would talk to me and get me to think of my business and reflect on my business so you’re not marching in a different direction that’s not productive to the business or working against where you’re trying to go overall.

WALLFROG: Sure, it gives you a clear picture.

CLIENT: Yes, overall a much clearer picture of what kind of clients we want to appeal to.

How is the expertise in our engineering and manufacturing experience crucial to the success of putting together a marketing strategy for your business?

CLIENT: You’re very helpful. You had again very constructive logical thoughts on how we’re going to market it and just in general very logical sequential step-by-step process. I didn’t feel like I was alone or we were in a jam and every single problem we came across along the way, we were able to untangle and a lot of time through your leadership, you would say, “okay, let’s do it this way and get to this point” and that helped me – it helped me a lot, especially since trying to run a business and not just work on the advertising component in getting new customers, so it was nice to have you guys.

WALLFROG: But, the engineering experience, we could learn about your products and service much easier than anyone else.

CLIENT: Yes, very much and you understand my business pretty good now because of your engineering background and that was a good thing – that was a bonus.

How does it feel to get a new lead in now compared to prior marketing animation set-up, do the sales close faster and is it less stressful?

CLIENT: It’s a lot less stressful. Before we hired you guys, I was actually getting some leads and losing business because they were just bad leads taking my business in a direction that I didn’t want to go and now when we get a lead, not only are they interested in the products and services we have but the time to close the pipeline, as you like to say, once you get somebody in our pipeline we bring it through to where you actually have…well, what good is a lead if it doesn’t lead to a sale and now that pipeline is established. We did not have that before. Early on, I would get a lead and then try calling them and they didn’t call me back. I’d call them and a lot of times they would be in a pipeline, you would laugh but for a year to year and a half, I’ve lost customers that could potentially be good customers because we just didn’t follow up and not because I was lazy, but just because I have other stuff going on – the constant tracking this amount of information – I mean some people call and then you don’t hear from them again and that happens…you expect that, but now I feel that there’s a structure. We talk about everything that comes through the pipeline, why we lost it, how long was it in the pipeline, does it culminate in a lead that we wanted, what happens if we spend the money to get a customer and that’s not like the kind of customer you have and that’s what was happening before. So now not only are things moving through the pipeline much faster because of the creation of the pipeline by peppering the E-mails and all that information along the way to get them to close, we didn’t even have that pipeline. A lot of stuff was just old, stale and you get working on the website and how it looks, not you but me, or the past people we dealt with and without any tangible results and the company really didn’t care if we had any tangible results, whereas WALLFROG is constantly looking at the bottom line like are we making money? Are the leads being developed into sales? We really appreciate that.

WALLFROG: So it’s a good partnership so we can kind of keep each other accountable for what’s going on. It’s a win-win-win and everybody is happy.

CLIENT: Yes, it is a win-win-win! I almost liken you guys to a physical trainer. At a gym, the physical trainer could say “go do a pull-up” but maybe you could do the pull-up wrong and you’re hurting yourself because you’re doing the pull-up but you’re not using the right form. I look at you like that in a lot of ways because we’re doing things the right way and that’s what is important, so we’re building on solid ground and we’re seeing growth that’s quality growth. We don’t want to have growth where we would have problems. Much like doing a pull-up the wrong way and now my shoulder hurts as an example. So I’m really really impressed and appreciative of the structure and that comes from your background in engineering which is very helpful but also the fact that you care. Not a lot of people care. Some people mail it in and they want you to think they care but in the back of their minds they really don’t and eventually over months that turn into years, you kind of sense that whereas that is not the case at all with Wallfrog. You guys really care.

WALLFROG: Absolutely, that means a lot. It makes me wake up in the morning and helps me go to sleep comfortably at night knowing that I actually did a good service for someone.

What would you say to a fellow business owner if they are reluctant to invest in a sales and marketing program for their company?

CLIENT: DO IT!!!! Here’s why…because when you start getting leads, you might get a few small customers and I don’t know the individual businesses that you deal with, but in my particular business you get a few leads and I’ll make an analogy of a baseball team where you get a single, a foul ball and another single and then “BAM” you get a home run. It builds on itself and all of a sudden find that you get a big company and you get big customers and all of a sudden you’re ahead of the game. So, you start thinking to yourself, well I’m spending this amount of money to start and what I found is because of the quality of service Wallfrog gives and because of the clarity on our website and because of the pipeline and because I’m tracking customers and getting the right customers, all of a sudden you look back a year later and YOU MADE US MONEY. So, I tell people, I would do it, you know, granted there are different businesses with different problems and different components of businesses that I’m not in but for my particular business, the return on investment is definitely one that we’ve seen. We’ve gotten more sales and more people coming to our website and it’s just a win-win situation.

WALLFROG: That’s the bottom line, that’s the whole point of it. It takes work effort, strategy and learning about each other but at the end of the day, that’s what it boils down to.

CLIENT: Yes, it’s like building a jet and you’re in a 747…you need to put jet fuel in or it’s going to fall out of the sky so you need to put in that effort in advertising and marketing and then the results are good.

WALLFROG: I definitely appreciate it and appreciate the relationship and I’m glad we’re just crushing it.

CLIENT: Good, and the people that are thinking about using WALLFROG, I RECCOMEND it!!!

WALLFROG: Perfect. Thank you very much and take care.