Why I'm Your Guy

I have a passion for manufacturing and engineering along with all services in the industrial market. I was an engineer fresh out of college when the 2001 attacks on our country hit and by 2005 there was a shift of products being designed and made overseas. Since then I decided to use my skills in computers to help businesses get online with a website. At the time there were no smartphones and social media did not exist. The need for helping those businesses get out in front of their customers beyond their location was crucial. As we have developed our process over the years, our goal has always been to maximize the return on investment. I believe our strongest asset as a company is to be able to combine marketing automation with real world knowledge to help bridge the gap that manufacturing companies are missing.

Manufacturing & Engineering Marketing

2 Year Case Study

Most of our clients are very private about their business but for those that allow us to share the journey with fellow engineering and manufacturing companies helps us show you what to expect when you decide to invest in a monthly marketing program. Check out some real statistics over the first 3 years of a business that had no dedicated salesperson long term, no marketing plan and little understanding how potential customers could find their services online.

Credentials (EE, CS, MFG)

  • Wilcox Technical High School
  • Waterbury State Technical College
  • Valencia Community College
  • University of Connecticut
  • Authored Several Publications and App Notes
Smart Marketing Control System

Businesses We Help

  • CNC Machine Shops
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Product Design
  • Electronics Assembly
  • Mechanical Part Production
  • Test & Compliance Facilities
  • Plastics Forming & Molding
  • Plasma & Laser Cutting
  • Defense & Security Solutions

Marketing Benefits

  • Lower Acquisition Costs
  • Shorten the Sales Cycle
  • Keep Track of Opportunities
  • Be More Confident in Pricing
  • Predictable Sales Forecasts
  • Audit Your Sales Performance
  • Harmonious Sales and Marketing
  • Easily Identify Hot Leads
  • Better ROI

Invest in Yourself

Everything takes time but if you are in it for the long haul there is no better place to invest than in yourself. Especially if you business is your livelihood which most are. Taking the time to continually develop content to capture your main audience is the key. Once you see it work for the first time you will be hooked!

Marketing Solutions for Engineering & Manufacturing Companies

At this point it is best to talk about what your goals, challenges and pain points are so we can help guide you to a better place on the internet.