Why is Marketing Important

It’s important to note that no two businesses are the same. We’ve worked with hair salons, construction companies, dentists, doctors, machining shops, product distributors, and more. We’ve been able to use our experience to tailor our marketing strategies to each individual business based on their needs. For Manufacturing and Engineering we take special pride in helping companies in the USA to flourish. This industry is making a comeback and we want you to be in front of the wave of business but in order to net new leads you need a marketing plan to crush your competitors.

Marketing Automation for the Manufacturing Industry

It’s Vital that your Marketing Plan Doesn’t Fall Behind

Have you ever wondered how you can place potential clients into your sales cycle in a way that is effective and non-intrusive? When it comes to inbound marketing, it all starts with the offer! By offering your website visitors (or your potential clients) an answer to the solution they’re looking for, you can easily get them into your sales cycle. Don’t put your name out there with a blindfold on hoping you advertised in the right place. Create an experience that attacks clients to you. If you build it right, they will come to you.

Inbound Marketing and Sales Process Concept

Take Your Marketing to a New Level

Inbound marketing is a new way for business owners to think about the way they market their business. It combines content marketing and lead nurturing strategies to move potential clients through your sales funnel faster than ever before.

Launch Your Manufacturing Marketing Plan

Gone are the days of buying ads and email lists while just crossing your fingers for leads. Inbound marketing is all about giving your potential clients the information they want to read through blogging and social media best practices. From there, it’s a matter of time until you generate some qualified leads that you can then turn into delighted customers.

We are always honest with our clients about the results, and the truth is, they vary. We would never guarantee a 200% return, or give you unrealistic ideas of what your results could be. We will, however, tell you that your business will stay stagnant without a responsible, well branded marketing campaign. Our marketing plans give your business visibility and awareness among your target audience. Promotions, and regular social media and site updates will keep your business in the forefront of your client’s minds, while your customer service skills will keep them coming back. We can show you the results we’ve had with the businesses we work with, and they’re all indicative of a well planned marketing strategy. We guarantee that we will work with you to reach your goals and make y our business the success it deserves to be.

Why Not Do Everything at Once

If your business is in the position to go for a full Wallfrog marketing blitz then we encourage you to do so. Our marketing blitz includes website design, photography, business cards, brochures, flyers, social media management, and SEO. Like any marketing method, a marketing blitz requires regular maintenance to ensure brand consistency, and guarantee a return. Social media and SEO are marketing methods that are ongoing, and need weekly, sometimes daily, attention.

Manufacturing Marketing Strategy & Planning

What Makes Us Different

There’s nothing worse than having content you don’t care about all around you. With the amount of smart phones on the rise, it’s clear that we are being accustomed to instant information.

As you read this, your potential clients are turning to the internet for answers and ideas. Why not provide them with the information that they’re looking for?

By publishing the right content at the right time, you instantly become a resource for your industry. Think of it as lending a helping hand to someone who doesn’t know where to turn. It’s time to make marketing that people can love.

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