What is Marketing Automation?

Wallfrog is an inbound marketing company in the Winter Garden FL area offering online marketing strategies for business who want to drive more traffic to their website. We use a combination of techniques to attract visitors from search engines and social media. Every business has their own goals which requires a customized game plan to achieve the results they are looking for. We can help your company determine what plan is right for you and design a program to target your clients and demographic area to attract strangers to your website.

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How Does Marketing Automation Help Your Business?

Our inbound marketing method starts with attracting visitors but one of the goals are helping those visitors become leads. We use creative calls to action and landing pages to aid in increasing the probability converting a percentage of those visitors. Part of the marketing process is to develop a buyer persona for your company. A buyer persona is a one page document that outlines your ideal client and how they look at your products or services. A company can have several buyer personas depending on what they offer and they are helpful in the design of an inbound marketing campaign. If we know how your client makes purchases we can develop a program that caters to them which increases your chances of getting them as a customer.

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If your company is looking to expand their reach online and needs an marketing automation agency in Winter Garden FL then please contact Wallfrog to get started analyzing your business.

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Marketing Automation in Winter Garden is here to stay and is a new way for business owners to think about the way they market their business. It combines content marketing and lead nurturing strategies to move potential clients through your sales funnel faster than ever before.

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