Dogwatch CT Web Design

A nice, clean, responsive website

A long time client of our had asked us to help them bring their website up to date. The original site was not responsive and looked very small on iPhones and iPads. The goal was to leave the content in tact while freshening up the corporate photos and products with new ones. This website has an AdWords campaign and older URL’s so we needed to do proper 301 redirects to make sure the old pages pointed to the new ones. The color palette was brightened up a bit and the navigation was cleaned up and smoothened out. Since there are not heavy updates on this site we decided to go with a solid HTML5 format to keep it robust and free of major maintenance. Another goal was to get more Call to Actions (CTA’s) throughout the website to get people to pick up the phone and make contact. This was a fun website to build and it was great to be able to update an antiquated site and get it ready for more inquiries.