Why Your Website Needs to be Mobile Friendly Yesterday

People Using Mobile Phones to Search for Things

Is It Too Late to Make Your Site Mobile Friendly?

If you are even reading this post it may be too late. If you can compare it to when this post was written the Google update for the improvement of search happened two days ago on April 21st, 2015. We have been preaching to those who were proactive about getting their website up to date but now it is time to preach to those who are falling behind. Sometimes you need a kick in the wallet to understand that you can’t continue down the same path grieving why you are not getting business from your website. If you are continually behind the times how can you ever expect to catch up?

Don’t Lose the Mobile Battle!

This is not a rant, this is a wake up call. We have seen hundreds of businesses over time try to follow the yellow brick road or try to find the end of the rainbow only to discover someone else was there first. Second place is the first loser.

You Are Spending Too Much on the Wrong Things

Way back when, if you didn’t have a pigeon you wouldn’t get your message out. Some business owners still think it is ok to spend $15,000 a year “or more” on placing their ad in that big phone book. When is change going to happen? As of today more than half of searches on the internet are done with a mobile device. Google had every reason in the world to adapt and change their algorithm to create the best experience possible for their users. Some business owners think it is ok to spend $400 for their ad to show up in the Sunday paper “once”. That is outrageous! Do it every Sunday and that is another $20,800! Now to spend $35,800 on two mediums that give mediocre results you can hire a full time person to market your business online where all the action is. People are not searching for your business anymore, they are searching for what you offer. In retrospect, even businesses used to name their companies A-1 Plumbing or Aardvark Painting just so that when someone picked up that big paperweight of a book they would see your business first under that particular category. It does not work like that anymore. Google does not give alphabetical results it gives the most relevant result. So if you are not mobile friendly, socially active and optimized for your products or services you are out of luck!

Never Stop Evolving your Website!

Forward progress. We are not telling you this to make you feel bad or scold you, we are telling you this to make you aware that change is needed to puff up your wallet again. If you are experiencing a downfall in revenue and a decrease in customers, take the hint. Something is wrong. Every business can streamline their processes, work faster, study harder to make up the difference but if you do not stop for a second and realize you have to continually re-invent yourself as a person and as a business owner you will proceed in the wrong direction. We are in the business and it is hard to keep up with everything changing, especially mobile friendly websites. Looking back at all the change that has occurred over the last 10 years is baffling. The businesses who are succeeding are embracing the fact that it is always evolving and jumping in on all the latest trends and tools. Not all of them are a perfect fit for every business but depending on what you do, one of these tools can be the ticket to reaching your goals and making your dreams come true.

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Waiting to Convert Your Site to Mobile is a Bad Idea!

Being left in the dust by your competitors is not a bright idea.

Mike Stanczyk

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